Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche Vehicle Users Misled on Diesel Models

Leading German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) recently admitted to installing in certain diesel model vehicles deceptive software to side-step U.S. emissions and pollution testing. Now, VW, Audi and Porsche users must deal with the fallout of diminished vehicle values and increased costs to fix what they thought were diesel clean cars.

The nearly 500,000 VW vehicles affected in the U.S. must be repaired to comply with federal emissions regulations, and vehicle owners may have to bear that cost. Those who own or lease any of the affected vehicles are now seeking consumer compensation.

EPA Notice of Clean Air Act Violation

Diesel Vehicles Affected by the Defeat Devices:

Make and Model
Model Year(s)
VW Jetta 2009-2015
VW Jetta SportWagen 2009-2014
VW Beetle 2012-2015
VW Beetle Convertible 2012-2015
VW Golf 2010-2015
VW Golf SportWagen 2015
VW Passat 2012-2015
VW Touareg 2009-2016
Porsche Cayenne 2013-2016
Audi A3 2010-2015
Audi A6 Quattro 2014-2016
Audi A7 Quattro 2014-2016
Audi A8 2014-2016
Audi A8L 2014-2016
Audi Q5 2014-2016
Audi Q7 2009-2016

Defeat Devices Could Cost Vehicle Users Thousands

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, since the automaker admitted to installing the defeat devices, resale values on VW diesel cars in the U.S. have fallen by an average of 13 percent, according to used-car pricing guide Kelley Blue Book. A Kelley Blue Book analyst also observed that dealers are more hesitant to buy the VW diesel cars. In fact, the number of VW diesel cars being sold at auctions has dropped by 27 percent since late-September.
Adding to this are the costs associated with fixing the cars to bring them up to U.S. standards. Moreover, The New York Times recently reported that doing so will most likely compromise the vehicles’ on-road performance, drivability, or fuel economy—the main reason why consumers chose the diesel cars in the first place. Now, consumers are seeking compensation for these losses.

The attorneys at Schlichter Bogard & Denton have filed a class action lawsuit against VW for lying to its customers, dodging government-set emissions standards, and misleading consumers. The VW lawsuit attorneys represent individuals who own or lease an affected 2009-2016 VW, Audi or Porsche diesel vehicle. For the benefit of class members, the lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as disgorgement of any profits VW obtained in connection with the sale or lease of the affected vehicles. The lawsuit also advocates for the implementation of a free replacement program that will compel VW to replace or buy back the class members’ vehicles.

If you own or lease an affected 2009-2016 Volkswagen, Audi or Porsche diesel vehicle, you have legal rights. Your first step is to speak with an attorney at Schlichter Bogard & Denton who has experience in fighting for the rights of consumers.